Monday, March 29, 2010

Things to note when drawing and cutting the patterns

When cutting the back blouse pattern on your fabric you have to do it two times.Once without the 2" extension and then with the 2" extension,since this is a blouse with the back opening. Also remember to flip the patten according to the right and left side.

When cutting the front blouse pattern you need to do it only once.Fold the fabric and place the front blouse pattern with the midside aligned with the fold of the fabric and cut along the pattern.To mark the darts I found that making slits through the pattern till the dart point ,allows me to insert the pencil to draw till the end point. Again flip the fabric and the pattern to the other side and draw the darts.Three in each side. The longer you make the blouse the longer the dart at the waist is going to be.


  1. Hi
    Great post.I would love see more different neckline designs.
    would appreciate your reply.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks very much for the comment.For different kinds of neckline ideas I search the web and just cut the pattern for the neck as long as the depth is maintained.Blogs such as saree dreams and others have a good collection.

  3. Hi,
    Sonya great job I have been searching for such sites for long I dont know abc's of tailoring and would like to know them.Hopefully thru your blogs.
    I would like to know whats the measurement of cloth to be taken for cutting.for various bra sizes. Will you please post patti blouse pattern and also give details of which part to sew first and any tips any tricks will be helpful.
    Also clarify by cutting AB do you cut from midway

    Thanks a lot yaar.

  4. Hi,
    Every Saree comes with a standard 1m saree blouse.Its enough for bra sizes 36-38and less.On which part to sew first;for me I find it easier to sew the darts first ,then the shoulders.attach the sleeves and then close up the sides of the blouse as well as the inner part of the sleeve.The AB part is for the fold for the opening.Hope this helps.

  5. could you pleASse show once you drafted the patterrn how to put it on the fabic how to place which ways so that i get an idea i have wasted so much material.


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