Friday, March 26, 2010

Measurements and Calculations

Before showing the steps to draw the sleeve pattern,we have to do some calculations.Here are the measurements I used earlier for the sleeve in the general template.

Sleeve Length: 6"
Base of Sleeve: 12"

How to take the measurements:
Sleeve length: Measure how long you would like the sleeve to be from the edge of the shoulder where you can feel the joint.

Base of sleeve: Measure around your arm at the point your sleeve length ends.


Sleeve length:Measured Sleeve length + 0.5+1.5[stitching allowance]= 6+0.5+1.5=8

Shoulder/2= 16/2=8

Base of Sleeve= base of sleeve measurement /2+0.5=12/2+0.5=6.5


  1. What does ragal mean? Thanks

  2. the diagram confussing....could u plz draw out in a simple and easy method to understand

    Thank You

  3. hi thanks fr ur help, n please tell me how to fold the material before u mark the measurement please, please show step by step how to fold the cloth n mark on it please n thanks. my mail id i'll be very thankful to u thanks.

  4. thanks a lot but u have shown only backside of the sleeves as i know front cutting is a bit different from back. can u please show it also.


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