Monday, March 29, 2010

How to draw the sleeve pattern

  • A-C: From point A measure 4.5" and mark point C .This is a standard measurement.
  • C-B: From point C measure  [sleeve length  minus 4.5"] =3.5"
  • B-F: From point B measure 1.5" and mark point F.This for the fold.
  • C-D:From point C measure [shoulder /2=8] and  mark point D
  • B-E: From point B measure[base of sleeve /2  +0.5"=6.5"] and mark point E
  • A-D: Join point A and D
  • D-E: Join point D and E
  • H: Find the midpoint of line A-D and mark point H
  • I:  Find the mid point in line H-D and mark point I
  • J: Now measure 0.5 inches from point H upwards in 90 degree angle  and mark J
  • A-J-I: Now join point A ,J and I  in a curved line
  • F-G: Measure 1.5" from point B upwards and then find the width from that point to line D-E. Use that measurement and measure from point F and mark point G. The idea behind in doing this is ; we want line E-G  to align with line D-E when we fold the pattern at line B-E upwards.
The final step is to cut the pattern .Therefore you cut along line A-J-I-D-E-G-F-B-C-A.

Congratulations !You have made your first saree blouse pattern.You can  now tweek the pattern to incorporate any kind of neck design or sleeve design to make your very own custom made blouse.


  1. How do I get instructions to cut the front part of the blouse?


  2. in the sleeve cutting pattern, the front part of the cutting is not present in cutting


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