Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How to draw the pattern


  1. A-B:Draw a 2" straight line from A TO B.

  2. B-C: Shoulder measurement divided by 2 plus 0.5" constant.

  3. C-D:From point C mark 1.75"below and this will give you point D

  4. D-B:Attach point D to B.

  5. D-E:Shoulder band[4"]

  6. B-F:3" and sh-blouse length is measured from point f not from point B

  7. B-G:ragal line height

  8. G-H:ragal line width

  9. E-I:front neck depth

  10. I-J:join I to J

  11. D-H:attach points and find midpoint which is k

  12. K:mark the midpoint of D-H

  13. K-L:Draw a straight line from K to the line B-W to meet at L

  14. L-M:Subtract 0.75" from the measurement in B-C and mark on the straight line K-L to give you the point M

  15. D-M:Draw a straight line from D to M

  16. M-N:From M draw a straight line to the line G-H to join at N

  17. M-H:Draw a curved line from M to H

  18. F-O:From the point F meassure straight down the measurement of sh-bust to arrive at point O

  19. G-O:Extend the line from point G to meet at O

  20. O-P:maeasure 5.25 inches and join o to p

  21. P-Q:From P measure 1inch and mark Q.

  22. P-R:From point p measure 1inch and mark R

  23. P-S:From point P measure 1inch and mark S

  24. F-W:From point F measure the lenght of the blouse and mark W

  25. W-X:Front Waist measurement[See Calculations]

  26. X-H:Join X and H

  27. R-U:Draw a straight line for point R to meet the line X-H.That point becomes U

  28. U-V:measure 0.75 inches from point u and mark point v on line x-h

  29. V-R:Join point V and R

  30. S-Y:From point S draw a vertical line to line w-x.that point becomes Y

  31. Y-Z:from point Y measure 1.25 inches and mark Z

  32. Y-Z':From point Y measure 1.25 inches and mark z'

From point 0 measure 0.75 inches and mark the dart point on line o-w

After marking point Q,R and S erase the line Q-P.

This is how you draw the pattern for the front part.


  1. may i know where is the yoke part in front blouse pattern

  2. your pattern is super and well understanding except the yoke part

  3. Hi,Thanks for the comment.By york do you mean the darts or the opening?

  4. pls refer indian blouse to mean for yoke and one more thing thereis no dart in armhole
    i think this pattern is not for indian blouse
    waiting for your comments

  5. this post is my opinion pls dont mistake me
    . i introduce myself i am in india (tamil nadu)my name is bhuvana finished diplomo in garment technology. two years back i married so i cant continue stiching and so little confusing to draw patterns

  6. Hi,
    This blouse pattern is called the 3 dart blouse.Its very simple to make and looks like a choli blouse depending on the length.The one with the york or the patti also called the bracut blouse is different. Its bit more complicated than this and hopefully might discuss it in the near future.

  7. thanks for your valuable reply

  8. Any other cloth dress patterns are available??Like salwar Kurta,Payjama,short Kurties for Pant etc??

  9. Hi,

    With reference to your point "F-O: From the point F meassure straight down the measurement of sh-bust to arrive at point O" , the point O should be on the line BW ? This is bit confusing. Can you please clarify?


  10. Hi,
    I can see why it was confusing.what I meant to say was that when you measure straight down the measurement of sh-bust from point F;that point meets line BW at point O when you extend it to the left.I hope this clears things.

  11. Hi Sonya, I am very happy to see the someone kindly shared the saree pattern with us. I would love to see a picture of the basic saree blouse if possible. Many thanks. Daksha

  12. Hi, My name is Chhaya and I have few quries...

    I wanna know about the back darts. I have cut and made blouse according to your method an found the method is easy but has few unexplained measures.
    I wanna know if this method includes seam allowance or not? and if this blouse is with the front opening or back opening.
    what is A-B 2"? Y do we need to take this A-B?
    Please respond me as soon as possible as I am in the middle of my stitching of blouse.
    Below given is my mail ID if U wish U can mail me your suggestion there also

    Thanks with regards,
    Chhaya (

  13. Hi Chhaya,
    I'm glad to hear you gave my pattern a try.Well the back has no darts regardless of whether it has a front or back opening.The darts are always in the front.The pattern does include seam allowance.For more details on this pls refer to my introduction and how to cut the pattern post.This pattern can be used to make a front and back opening blouse.The AB [2"]is used to make the opening .If for instance you want to make a blouse with front opening you cut the AB part in the front pattern only on one side not both sides.Hope this helps.But if you still have question don't hesitate to contact me.Goodluck withyour blouse!!

  14. shoulder to bust measurement is the only things I am confused about. Which point of the bust should I measure to - the begininnig of the bust or the middle of the bust?

  15. Hi,
    Shoulder to the middle/or the highest point of the bust.

  16. Hi,
    In this pattern there is no need to make patti?please reply me...................

  17. please publish how to sew a bracut saree blouse

  18. Can you please explain what a Ragal width and height is?

  19. where is mark X on the pattern

  20. when you calculate regal line you add 8 inches to bust measurement. BUt regal line comes as chest circumference. is it too loose ?because chest circumference is less than bust measurement. can you explain pls.


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