Monday, April 20, 2009


Here is a general template we will be using to create this pattern.All measurements are in inches.



Bust:38"[bust minus1.5]=38"-1.5=36.5

Shoulder to bust:[sh] to bust:11" [Refer to my earlier post to see how to measure]

Sh-bracut: 13.25"

Sh-blouse length:16". [You have to add 1" to allow for seem allowance so the measurement to be taking will be 17"]

Sleeve length:6"
Base of sleeve:12"

Front neck depth[FN]: 6"
Back Neck depth[BN]:6.5"

shoulder band:4"


shoulder/2=16/2=8 plus a constant[0.5]=8+.05=8.5

Ragal line length:

Ragal line width:
bust measurement plus 8[constant] divided by 4=36.5 +8=44.5/4=11.1

Sh to bust=11" have to add 0.5constant=11 +0.5 =11.5
Sh to bra cut=13.25 have to add 0.5 constant=13.25+ .5=13.75
Sh to blouse length=16 have to add 1"=16+1=17

Waist[front]=waist/4 plus 0.5 constant plus 3" for dart=30/4 +0.+3=

Waist [Back]=waist /4 plus 0.5 constant=7.5+.5=8
length of dart=sh to bust minus 0.5 divided by 2=11-.5=10.5/2=5.25[this tells u the midpoint from which u have to situate the 3 darts.

sleeve calculation:

sleeve length:6+0.5[constant]+1.5[constant]=8

base of sleeve:12/2+0.5constant=6.5


  1. if draw simple diagram with calculation that may help more for any one,thankyou.

  2. Hi Sonja

    Please help me. I cannot access any pictures of the draft and therefore cannot follow your patterns. I am so desperately want to learn to make sarrie blouses. please help. My e-amil address is

    Tilly Naidoo (South Africa)

  3. Many thanks for this most informative site. I have been looking for sarrie blouse drafts for years. I will be very grateful if you can kindly send me a table of sizes from size 28 to 50 to reflect all basic measurements required for draft for the various sizes. Many thanks. My e-mail address is

    Kind regards, Tilly Naidoo, Durban, South Africa.


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