Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Measurements to be Taken:

When taking the measurements wear a properly fitted Saree blouse or a bra.

  • Shoulder[sh]:Measure from one shoulder to the other.
  • Bust measurement:
  • Shoulder to Bust[sh -bust]:measure from your shoulder to the highest point of your bust.
  • Shoulder to Bra cut[sh-bra cut]:measure from your shoulder to the highest point of your bust and continue along the line to where your bra ends.
  • Shoulder to Blouse length[sh -blouse length]: this measurement gives the length of the blouse . Measure from the sh-bust-bra cut-where you want your blouse to end. You only need to measure the front side. The back length can be determined by calculations discussed later on.
  • Waist:Measure around your body from the point where you wanted your blouse length to end. This will give a tight fit.

For the Sleeve measurement:

  • Sleeve length:measure how long you would like your sleeve to be.
  • Base of sleeve:measure around the arm at the point your sleeve length ends.


  1. The way this pattern is drawn you don't need to measure the armhole.Try doing the pattern you will see the armhole fits perfectly.Besides this is only one way to draw the pattern there are many other types.


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