Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Basic saree blouse:Introduction

The Saree blouse discussed here comprises of three darts and can be made both with front and back open.It could also be referred to as the corset blouse. I'm of the opinion that the back open Saree blouse is easier to make.The pattern making method described here takes into account the sewing allowances too.Therefore when cutting the pattern place it on the fabric and cut exactly around the pattern border.After cutting the pattern jot a 1/2" dotted line from the edge of the fabric for the sewing allowance.


  1. Where is the pattern? have you posted an image somewhere?

  2. I will be posting the image in my upcoming post.

  3. Well done. But kindly send the complete details such as the normal measurements to draft, calculations, front and back drafts with back opening draft also. Please help me to learn from you.



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